Relationship Counsellor

Piece Together relationship counselling is provided by a professional, qualified and experienced counsellor.  Piece Together Counselling recognises the value and importance of courage, compassion and connection in relationships, therefore practices from these values. 


Your counsellor recognises that love is not something we give or get; rather something that we nurture and grow (Brown, 2010). Therefore your counsellor will work with you to nurture and grow your relationships. Often this will include individual counselling as well as couple counselling.


Piece together relationship counsellors understand that relationships take work, time and patience. Most of all relationships take two willing participants to journey next to one another. Piece together relationship counsellors understand that it is never a prerequisite of a relationship to first lose yourself in order to enter into a relationship. However it is the completer opposite, you must fist know yourself, love yourself and understand your worthiness; then your enter into a journey/relationship next to another.. 


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