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Loneliness can lead to a feeling of powerlessness. This leads to a decrease in self-worth that inturn isolates us socially.

Shame and fear then plot to turn loneliness into a self-perpetuating cycle of negative thoughts, stories and beliefs, which in turn cripples our self worth and intimidates us from reaching out for help. Over time, this cycle can convince us we are intrinsically broken, driving us away from the very relationships we need most.

We can and must interven when loneliness appears and make life saving connections. Remembering first and foremost that relational connections are just as vital as the sun is to warm the earth. Loneliness is our human way of letting us know we need of connection; just like being thirsty is the human way of letting us know we need water. Be bold, be Brave, Be human and reach for connection! #relational #brave #bold #human #loneliness #hope #compassion #mindfulliving #piecetogethercounselling

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