Piece Together Counselling can help if you are experiecing depression

Piece Together counsellors do not think depression can simply be summed up in a simple word, paragraph, book or even a set of encyclopaedias.   However our counsellors have had the privilege of walking next to others who have experienced depression and it has been described in many ways;

  • war; a battle you win or lose,

  • tiredness; that no amount of sleep can cure,

  • feeling as if you have lost something; but never knowing when, what or how,

  • feeling broken; so much so that you physically hurt,

  • anger turned inwards.

  • feeling so worthless you feel replaceable.


These are a few descriptions from people who have experienced depression. Our counsellors believe depression is a personal and individual experience, not one person will have the exact same experience as another.  This is why piece together counselling hesitate to sum up the experience of depression in a simple word or paragraph.


Piece Together Counselling will walk with you, together exploring and understanding your experience with depression. Supporting you and encouraging you on your counselling journey. Together we can start to challenge your thinking, beliefs and ideas about yourself, the people around you and the world you live in.

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations" - Author unknown