More about our Counselling Services

Piece Together Counselling is a caring, confidential and compassionate counselling service aimed at improving your emotional,  psychological, physical,  social and spiritual health. 

Individual Counselling

When your emotional, spiritual, physical, social and mental health is suffering you often endure it silently and hope that somehow things will

change and get better on your own.  But you don't have to endure alone.


Professional counsellors offer caring, compassionate, non-judegmental and expert support you need during these times.  A counsellor can help you identify the problems you are facing in a non-judgemental way.


Talking to someone just may be the answer to help you understand the issues you are facing and help you to see beneath the surface to identify what may be causing you concern.

​Relationship Counselling​

Relationship Counselling may enable you to find ways to respond better when your buttons are pressed and provide more effective ways of relating with spouses. friends, family, colleagues, those whom you are in relationship with  in your life.


Counselling couples wih care, compassion and non-judgement help to build and maintain enduring relationships and intimate connections. .


Addiction Counselling

Addiction counselling among other things may help you to understand what’s behind your addiction.


Addiction counselling may also help you to regain self esteem, improve emotional regulation, improve your relationships and find more supports in your life.